This is what I do in my free time. Here you can also find my work activities that span outside my main profession as a computer engineer.


  • Member of Fotoskiasi, the photography group of Technical University of Crete. Through Fotoskiasi I have participated in 5 photography exhibitions from 2008 until now.
  • As a senior member of Fotoskiasi, I have been offering photography lessons, mostly related to technical issues, darkroom and film as well as image composition.
  • While studying in Patras, I have been member of the photography group of University of Patras. I have participated in one photo exhibition organised by this group and another one organised by the students of the Computer Engineering and Informatics Dept.
  • I have participated under scholarship at the Documentary Project Photography workshop by Stella Johnson (Maine Media Workshops), held in Chania in May 2008. On the following years, I have been a teaching assistant for the same workshop.
  • I have been offering (voluntarily) photography services in various occasions. I have also provided film developing services for black and white non-C41 films.
  • I have a travel/photography blog:

Other Interests

  • Travelling.
  • Mountain Hiking.
  • Mountain Bike! And bikes (bicycle or motor ones) in general.
  • Water activities - from rafting to canoe to motor boats.
  • Music, cinema, theatre...